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Optometrist in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Eye Disease Testing

Shannon Chandler, O.D., is an optometrist in Las Vegas who provides the highest quality eye care, and is fully dedicated to maintaining the health of her patients’ eyes and enhancing their ability to see clearly. She and her colleagues accomplish this by delivering expert preventative eye care services. Good optical health means making yearly visits to our optometrist in Las Vegas for a comprehensive eye exam. The eye exam allows Dr. Chandler to monitor the quality of your vision, and search for any signs of an eye disease. Because most eye diseases do not have any outward symptoms, eye exams are the only way to monitor for degenerative eye diseases like macular degeneration and glaucoma.

Slit Lamp Exam Las Vegas

Slit Lamp Exam Las Vegas

An eye exam will evaluate the vision of our patients through the following four tests, among others: Refraction, slit lamp, intraocular pressure, and a retinal exam. The refraction allows our optometrist in Las Vegas to measure a patient’s prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses. The patient sits in a chair and looks through a phoropter, one eye at a time. The phoropter contains lenses of varying optical strengths. Dr. Chandler will move them into view one at a time, making slight alterations to the prescription until the patient is able to see as clearly as possible.

The slit-lamp exam allows Dr. Chandler to thoroughly examine the structures of the eye. The slit-lamp is a high-powered microscope that utilizes a light source to examine both the external and internal structures of the eye. The patient sits in a chair facing the slit-lamp. The chin and forehead are placed on supports in order to keep the head steady, allowing for the most accurate and detailed examination.

Intraocular pressure is checked in order to screen for glaucoma. High intraocular pressure can put one at risk for glaucoma. The pressure is typically checked with a non-contact tonometer. This device allows the intraocular pressure reading to be taken with air; no instrument has to contact the eye. In addition to the non-contact tonometer, there are also other instruments that can be used to check intraocular pressure.

The retina should be examined regularly in order to discover problems before they result in
permanent loss of vision. During a retinal exam, Dr. Chandler views the back of the eye through
an instrument called an ophthalmoscope. Dilating drops are administered to provide Dr. Chandler with a better view of the retina. Side effects of dilation are sensitivity to light and blurred vision. Should a patient experience difficulties with the side effects of dilation, an Eyescreen Retinal Exam can be performed, wherein a digital photograph of the eye is captured. Dilation is not necessary for this exam.

For the best in quality vision care, make an appointment to have your eyes examined today with Dr. Shannon Chandler.

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