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Vision Care in Las Vegas

Treatments for Astigmatism in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Eye Doctor

Las Vegas Eye Doctor

Premium vision care in Las Vegas begins with a comprehensive eye examination at the office of Shannon Chandler, O.D. Regular eye exams are the best means of detecting any changes in vision, diseases of the eye, or other disorders which may not present any obvious or painful symptoms. Astigmatism is a condition which is defined as an unusual curvature of the eye. As an example, if a perfectly normal eye were the shape of a marble, an eye with astigmatism would be less perfectly spherical, and a bit more oblong, like a football (though the degree of curvature can be broad). This variation in the eye’s curvature causes light to be refracted more in one direction than the other, resulting in objects at any distance appearing distorted or blurry.

After detection, astigmatism can be corrected using prescription eyeglasses, soft toric contact lenses, rigid gas permeable (RGP) contact lenses, and/or hybrid contact lenses (soft and RGP lenses). As a general guide, prescription eyeglasses may be necessary to correct your eyesight at a particular or various distances. Contact lenses are precisely fitted to the eye to fit comfortably, and to accurately increase the eye’s ability to see well.

Recommendations for astigmatism treatment in Las Vegas will be made for you by Shannon Chandler, O.D. Each patient’s needs are understandably unique – upon completion of your eye exam, Dr. Chandler will be sure to review all of her findings with you. The optimal health of your vision is our focus, as well as ensuring that you understand any required treatment procedures needed to enhance your sight or the health of your eyes. Our team of friendly and caring professionals looks forward to hearing from you and scheduling your appointment; we are open seven days a week to fulfill your eye care needs. Call our optometry office today to schedule an appointment. We will be sure to answer any questions regarding our eye care services. We accept most vision insurance plans and Care Credit.

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