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Colored contact lenses in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Contact Lenses

Colored contact lenses are becoming more and more popular, whether for corrective or cosmetic reasons. If you are looking for colored contact lenses in Las Vegas, be sure to visit the office of Shannon Chandler, O.D.

Colored contacts can be a lot of fun when changing one’s appearance. A change in eye color can make a subtle though striking difference in the way you look. Some people want a more dramatic appearance, while others prefer something more natural. Luckily, contacts come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. However, not all colored contacts may suit certain eye colors. For instance, dark brown eyes may not look or appear natural with light blue contact lenses. Green contact lenses look very natural over brown eyes, regardless of the shade of brown. Gray contact lenses tend to look natural with most eye colors, and also work well with most skin tones. Transparent-colored contacts will enhance natural eye color, but won’t actually change the color of the eyes. Please bear in mind that all contact lenses, including colored, do require a prescription, as the contacts will need to be fitted to match the curvature of the eye.

If you are interested in shopping for colored contact lenses in Las Vegas, our optometrist, Dr. Shannon Chandler, will help you select the right colored lenses to achieve the desired eye color or appearance. Results will vary based on natural eye color; matching the right colored contacts to achieve the desired results can be a bit confusing. Some people like to wear colored contact lenses every day, while some choose to wear them only on certain occasions. At our practice, we offer many types of soft contact lenses, including bi-weekly and monthly disposable lenses that can be worn up to 18 hours, but are removed and cleaned at night; extended wear lenses to be worn overnight; daily disposable lenses, worn for one day and then discarded; toric lenses for astigmatism; hard lenses which are prescribed in certain situations and may provide clearer vision than with soft lenses; and, of course, colored contact lenses. We hope you will visit us soon when you decide to get your next pair of prescription contact lenses.

Colored Contacts in Las Vegas
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