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Contact Lenses in Las Vegas

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Contact lenses in Las Vegas

Contact lenses in Las Vegas

In order to achieve perfect vision, people with vision impairments need to rely on visual aids – such as glasses or contact lenses in Las Vegas – in order to see clearly. Some have a preference for one over the other, whereas some may switch between the two. For those who prefer contact lenses, it is important that the appropriate pair is selected, especially for those wearing contact lenses overnight or for extended periods of time. For excellent assistance in determining the correct extended wear contacts for you, visit our eye doctor, Shannon Chandler, O.D., in Las Vegas.

Glasses and contacts may both work in similar ways, but they also have inherent differences. Generally, wearing prescription glasses does not pose any inherent problems when worn for extended periods of time, provided the frames are made to fit properly. Ill-fitting frames may hurt the face or cause eyestrain; however, these issues can be easily rectified. In the case of contact lenses, however, not every kind of lens is designed to be worn overnight or longer than 12 hours. Some contact lenses may begin to dry out or become uncomfortable, irritating the eye. This may lead to a series of problems in the future, and one can run the risk of developing eye infections from wearing lenses not specifically designed for extended wear. If you are in need of extended wear contact lenses in Las Vegas, then Shannon Chandler, O.D. can perform an eye examination to confirm that you are a candidate for extended wear contacts. At that time, you can try several brands of extended wear lenses to find the pair that suits you.

With the correct extended wear contacts, one’s day can go much more smoothly, with ease and comfort, minimizing problems or other complications. If you want to learn more, or would like to schedule an appointment for contact lenses in Las Vegas, please call us at the optometry office of Shannon Chandler, O.D. today.

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