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Treating Ocular Allergies in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Optometrist

Las Vegas Optometrist`

It should come as no surprise how beneficial healthy eyes and vision can be every day. With poor vision, driving, reading, and other important activities and experiences can become very challenging. Many of us take our ocular health and vision for granted – we may become so accustomed to our vision and its reliability. For those of us who suffer from ocular allergies, the experience of having your eyes not function as well as they should may be all too familiar. If so, then our Las Vegas optometrist, Shannon Chandler, O.D., will be more than happy to assist in the treatment of your symptoms.

Eye allergies can develop when the body’s immune system becomes sensitized, then overreacts to a stimulus or allergen in the environment that may typically cause no irritation in other people. Unfortunately, many allergens that trigger eye allergies are airborne, increasing the chance of contact. Ocular allergies share symptoms with some other eye conditions, so an accurate diagnosis is of utmost importance. The symptoms of eye allergies can range from mild itching, redness and tearing to inflammation and swelling to the point of impairment of vision. If symptoms persist, or if over-the-counter remedies are not relieving the allergies, then take the time to visit Dr. Chandler, your Las Vegas eye doctor, to provide relief and treatment of eye allergies. She will review your medical history and symptoms, then conduct tests to reveal ocular allergies. Management and treatment of your ocular allergies may include prescription eye drops when needed.

Having ocular allergies can be uncomfortable and a nuisance. Healthy eyes and a healthy body go hand in hand. We would be delighted to aid you in maintaining healthy vision for as long as possible. Please call our practice, or consult our website for further information regarding eye care for your ocular allergies; or simply schedule an appointment with our Las Vegas eye doctor, Shannon Chandler, O.D.

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