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Retinal Exam in Las Vegas

Expert eye care in Las Vegas

Retinal exam in Las Vegas

Retinal exam in Las Vegas

The office of Shannon Chandler, O.D. and Lesa Davis, O.D. specializes in state of the art eye care, comprehensive eye exams, and contact lens fittings in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere designed to make you feel at home. A retinal exam in Las Vegas office is designed to diagnose eye conditions that can’t be discovered during a regular eye examination; this allows us to immediately diagnose your condition before any symptoms get worse.

Our digital retinal photograph, called EyeScreen, uses the latest in digital technology to create a high-resolution photograph of your retina. The usual side effects that accompany dilation drops – such as light sensitivity and blurred vision – are non-existent with this procedure. The highly detailed picture allows us to compare, and review your retina during future visits, to determine changes to the retina, if any. The EyeScreen documents the retina, aids in screening for any eye diseases, and allows for monitoring the health of the eye. Although slit lamp tests or ophthalmoscopes can check for eye diseases, the EyeScreen allows us to view the retina at a much higher resolution. EyeScreen can help check your eyes for conditions such as glaucoma, retinal holes, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. Early detection of these conditions is crucial – they can cause, or result in blindness and vision loss. Signs of diabetes and high blood pressure are often detected during the retinal exam, well before actual symptoms are experienced by the patient.

Those afflicted with diabetes should have their eyes checked frequently, primarily due to the danger of vision loss. Macular degeneration is especially prominent in diabetics, so having a doctor that is familiar with this type of disease can be essential. Schedule your retinal exam in Las Vegas office if you have experienced any eye or vision changes, so that we may check your eyes immediately and detect any problems before they start.

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