Eye doctor in Las Vegas NV

Eye Doctor in Las Vegas NV

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Seasonal allergies in Las Vegas NV

Eye doctor in Las Vegas NV
Eye doctor in Las Vegas NV

Seasonal allergies can have a negative effect on your eyes, and our eye doctor in Las Vegas, NV is prepared to help you with the frustration and discomfort associated with them.

Anyone who has suffered from seasonal allergies is all too familiar with the symptoms, but if you’re experiencing them for the first time, you may notice ocular symptoms such as tearing, a burning sensation, redness, itchiness, and possibly swollen eyelids. Eye symptoms may occur on their own or in combination with nasal symptoms. Why do they happen in the first place? Every allergic reaction, whether in your eyes, nose, on your skin, in your stomach, or anywhere else, is a bodily response to a threat, real or perceived, to your health. So, in a sense, it is fair to say that as annoying as seasonal allergies are, they are your body’s way of protecting you. Fortunately, they do not pose a long term threat to your eye health or your vision, though temporary blurry vision is possible from the effects of the symptoms produced. Our eye doctor in Las Vegas, NV will do a thorough examination. The severity of your symptoms will play a role in determining the most appropriate treatment. Mild to moderate seasonal allergies often respond to over-the-counter medication. Our eye doctor in Las Vegas, NV may recommend prescription medication, but lifestyle changes are also typically helpful. If pollen counts are high, you should keep your windows closed and use an air conditioner if you need ventilation. Avoid rubbing your eyes, which will only make things worse.

Unfortunately, seasonal allergies may seem like they last forever. Until they subside, you can count on our help for relief so that you can return to your regular routine. Call the office of Shannon Chandler, O.D. and Lesa Davis, O.D. today to schedule an appointment.

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