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Las Vegas cataract surgery

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Las Vegas cataract surgery
Las Vegas cataract surgery

Do you have problems seeing at night or watching television? If you have been experiencing blurred vision, or you’re having difficulty seeing in certain types of lighting, you may be developing cataracts. Fortunately, cataracts can be easily corrected with surgery. However, surgery may not be the first choice for some patients – some may prefer to accept surgery only as a last resort. If you would like to see our eye doctor for information and advice regarding cataract surgery, or to see what other treatment options are available, make an appointment to visit our optometry practice.

When you visit our optometry practice, you will undergo a comprehensive eye exam by one of our top-notch optometrists, Dr. Shannon Chandler or Dr. Lesa Davis. Cataracts can be easily detected during a comprehensive eye exam. If our optometrist determines that you do indeed have cataracts, you will be referred to a reputable ophthalmologist for cataract surgery. Some patients choose to have their vision corrected with a new eyeglass prescription. In the early stages, this may help patients temporarily, but eventually almost all patients with cataracts need to have surgery in order to correct their vision. Our optometrists will be able to co-manage your Las Vegas cataract surgery to ensure that you have surgery at the appropriate time, and also to ensure that you have a smooth recovery after surgery.

Cataract surgery is one of the safest and most common eye surgeries performed today, so much so that the surgery is now categorized as an outpatient procedure. It is performed with the use of a topical or local anesthetic. The patient remains perfectly comfortable during the procedure, and the recovery time is both short and comfortable, as well. Both before and after surgery, you will be prescribed certain prescription eye drops to ensure that your eyes are well prepared for the surgery, and that they heal correctly. During cataract surgery, a tiny incision is made in the eye. This incision enables the old cloudy part of the lens to be removed, and a new, clear man-made lens is placed into the eye. The incision is so tiny that no stitches are needed to close it. However, several follow-up exams are necessary to make sure that no problems occur, and that the incision is healing properly. If you would like to meet with one of our fine optometrists regarding Las Vegas cataract surgery, contact us today.

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