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Treating eye allergies in Las Vegas

Las Vegas eye care office

Las Vegas eye care office

Seasonal allergies have a reputation for causing stuffiness, sneezing, and runny noses – unfortunately, allergies can also have a significant impact on one’s vision. Schedule a consultation in our Las Vegas eye care office with one of our optometrists, Dr. Shannon Chandler or Dr. Lesa Davis, to discuss treatment and other ways to mitigate the effects of allergies on your vision, ensuring that your vision remains healthy for as long as possible.

When the point arrives wherein seasonal allergies have begun to affect your vision, the signs and symptoms are very similar to those of other eye allergies, or even certain eye infections. You may notice that your eyes are watery, red, itchy, or you may experience a burning sensation. Even your eyelids may become swollen. These symptoms can occur instead of, or in addition to, nasal symptoms due to allergies. Of course, any allergic reaction in your body, whether it affects your skin, nose, eyes, or anywhere else, is a clear indication that your body is fighting a perceived threat. It is doing what it thinks is best for you, and when you come to our Las Vegas eye care office, we will do the same. We can assist in lessening, or eliminating, the discomfort associated with the effects of seasonal allergies. First, you will undergo a thorough examination to make sure that your symptoms aren’t due to an underlying eye disease or infection. Mild cases of seasonal allergies can often be treated effectively with over-the-counter allergy medication. However, prescription-strength drugs may be required, especially if symptoms are severe. Our Las Vegas eye care office can assist in determining the best treatment for you.

The difficulties of seasonal allergies don’t last forever; nonetheless, the effects can certainly be diminished, or removed altogether. Don’t suffer needlessly – call our Las Vegas eye care office and we will schedule an appointment to examine, diagnose, and treat your eyes and vision.

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