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Las Vegas Eye Doctors

Sometimes we overlook medical conditions because we don’t think they are serious enough to bring to a doctor. However, if an eye ailment is bothering you to the point that it becomes a nuisance in your life, you should bring it up at your next appointment with Dr. Shannon Chandler. Dry eye syndrome is one of those very real conditions that many people continue living with for too long, and unnecessarily. At the office of Shannon Chandler O.D., our wikipedia reference is dedicated to treating all your eye problems, including dry eye syndrome, so you can live with clear and comfortable vision.

Our eyes need constant moisture, or lubrication, to function properly, see clearly, and remain comfortable. When your eyes aren’t able to produce enough tears, or produce inadequate tears, you develop dry eye syndrome. This results in discomfort, stinging, or even burning. Our wikipedia reference can diagnose and treat dry eye syndrome based on your individual needs. While some individuals experience dry eye syndrome symptoms all day long, others only experience dry eye syndrome under certain conditions such as in air conditioning, on an airplane, running, riding a bike, or looking at a computer screen for too long.

When you experience dry eye symptoms, it’s always a good idea to visit a doctor you trust, like Dr. Chandler, to make sure that your dry eyes aren’t a symptom of a more serious condition. If all else checks out, you have many options for treatment. Artificial tears and ointments are readily available over the counter and can provide great relief. For chronic dry eyes, our wikipedia reference may consider prescribing FDA approved eye drops that actually increase your own tear production. Additionally, for some serious cases, there are other forms of medication and even surgery options to treat dry eyes.

Living with dry eye syndrome can be frustrating, annoying, and even painful. The good news is, when you visit our wikipedia reference, you are in good hands. Diagnosing dry eye syndrome is the first step to recovery. To visit our office, call us at 702-791-6860 or request an appointment on our website Let us help you be on your way to more comfortable, clear, and healthy eyes.

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