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For the most part, contact lenses will give you the vision correction you need, be comfortable, and won’t cause you any difficulties. But when a problem does arise, such as bacterial or viral keratitis which are corneal infections related to wearing contacts, you can count on our Las Vegas optometrists, Drs. Shannon Chandler, Lesa Davis, and Dorothea Muniz, for the expert diagnosis and prompt treatment to restore your ocular health.

What causes a contact lens-related infection? It’s often unintended contamination. The chances of contracting infectious keratitis can be minimized if you follow some simple and effective guidelines. Make sure that you wash your hands prior to handling your contact lenses. In addition, do not use soaps that contain lotion, perfume, or oils in them. Those substances stay on your hands and are easily transferable to the lens surface. Another good precaution is to use lint free towels when drying your hands. If you wear makeup, remove it before taking out your contacts at night. Then put your lenses back in each morning before applying makeup. Our Las Vegas optometrist recommends only using contact lens cleaning solution and never water – not even distilled water, which still may contain bacteria that can end up irritating and infecting your eyes. Needless to say, never use saliva to clean them. We will recommend the best lens cleaning solution for your specific contacts, as they are not all the same and some are more effective than others. Symptoms of infectious keratitis include blurry vision, eye pain, excessive tearing, severe eye redness, sudden sensitivity to light, and eye discharge. If you experience one or more of these symptoms, be sure to get timely care from our Las Vegas optometrist.

Reach out to our office to schedule a visit. Keratitis requires treatment, and the matter is best handled by our eye specialist, rather than your primary care doctor.

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